Why we carry Spare Conveyor Parts

Conveyor systems are large investments that provide immense benefits to production capabilities for our customers. To ensure proper maintenance of conveyor systems we offer our customers a wide variety of spare conveyor parts. Majority of our stock is MHS (formerly TGW) spare parts. If any item wears down or breaks on our customers conveyor system, we understand the necessity to get spare conveyor parts quickly to your location at a great price. Often we prepare our customers with spare conveyor parts upon order of a large system to stay ahead of the game, but we are happy to help new customers large and small.

Powered Rollers

We supply powered conveyor rollers, along with regular conveyor rollers to our customers. Motors can wear out over time, but that doesn’t mean replacing entire custom conveyor systems. ITR conveyor provides the flexibility of replacing a single powered conveyor roller at a time. Conveyor bearings can also be an issue over time which leads to replacing conveyor rollers. We offer a wide range of spare conveyor rollers, many are Itoh Denki powered rollers. We carry many different variations of PM486FE and PM486FP rollers. We also carry a variety of 9 pin powered rollers and 10 pin powered rollers. Itoh Denki has a great guide on choosing the right roller for your project!

Driver Cards

Conveyor driver cards are often in high demand, so we carry ample supply in our conveyor spare parts inventory to support our customer’s needs. We carry Itoh Denki CB-016, Itoh Denki CBM-105F, Itoh Denki HB-510, Itoh Denki IB-E03B and can always find whatever else you may be looking for. Driver cards are essential for running complex conveyor systems while communicating with backend conveyor logic.

O-Rings/Drive Belts

Conveyor O-Rings and Conveyor Drive Belts our critical pieces of any large-scale industrial conveyor solution. Although they are small line shaft conveyor drive belts are the building blocks of moving product. Along with the line shaft drive belts we are sure to maintain ample inventory of line shaft spools in our spare parts. Many times, when line shaft conveyor systems need a quickfix it can be solved with our twisted quickfix belts for line shaft conveyor. While working on Line Shaft Conveyor it may also be necessary to replace Standard XR40 Line Shaft Spools, these blue conveyor spools are always in stock at our warehouse. We also carry conveyor powered roller belts built for ITR conveyor systems. Our team has years of industry experience to consult with our customers the best o-rings and drive belts to use to provide maximum performance. We carry clear conveyor belts along with HT Red and HT Blue. These drive belts can wear out over time and when they are ready to be replaced, we have the solution for you.

Photo Eyes

Conveyor photo eyes are the essential backend power for conveyor systems. They allow product to be sorted on a conveyor system and accumulation of product. Photo eyes provide capability to conveyor systems that allow businesses to run more efficiently and production to move smooth. Our conveyor photo eyes are kept in our inventory to provide spare parts service to our customers.

Miscellaneous parts

In addition to all the spare parts listed above, we provide a whole assortment of spare conveyor parts for our customers. Whether you are looking for a conveyor case stop, pneumatic compact cylinder, replacement line shaft bearing, Rack Armour or anything in between you can find spare conveyor parts at Conveyor Concepts. The 90050103 1” Bore Bearing for Line Shaft Conveyor is always in stock at our warehouse location, ready to ship to you. This 1” Line Shaft Bore Bearing is a critical replacement spare part to keep your conveyor system up and running. If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website that doesn’t mean we don’t have it or don’t have access to it, give us a call or shoot an email. Our team will work to provide you with a top-notch customer experience.