Omni Metalcraft

Omni Metalcraft™ has been in the material handling industry for over 40 years. They offer the highest quality standard and custom pallet conveyor solutions for many industries. Ask a team member about spare parts for their systems and how we can help you get your order fast. We also keep a large inventory of many common wear parts so you can receive them even faster. Be sure to ask about our current stock.

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Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors transport heavy items in the harshest conditions with built-to-order lengths and widths, sprocketed rollers, and roll-to-roll chain systems.

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Roller Transfer

Roller Transfers deliver products or containers up to 10,000 pounds between sections of conveyors. Custom sizes and capacities to suit your requirements are available.

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Motorized Turn Table

Motorized Turn Tables with CDLR rotate products for more effortless loading and unloading or for changing direction with the same orientation.

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Flat Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts use open metal squares in a flat strip connected with a straight rod for easy cleaning, excellent drainage, and superior airflow. 

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Chain Transfers

Chain Transfers are used to transfer products 90 degrees from the main conveyor line. Air bags, cylinders, or electric lifts are also available. 

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Gravity Conveyors

Pallet Gravity Conveyors are versatile and cost-effective for moving heavy loads in warehouses, assembly areas, and shipping departments. 

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Accumulation Conveyors

Accumulation Conveyors collect, merge, or sort products or containers when they need holding or buffering for sorting, palletizing, or other tasks.

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Chain Drag

Chain Drag Conveyors utilize less space and can move material in a variety of inclines. Omni Metalcraft offers standard drag chain conveyors and en-masse drag chain conveyors.

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Powered Roller

Omni Powered Rollers are available in 1.9-inch to greater than 6-inch sizes with 6,000-30,000-pound capacities for low to heavy-duty applications.

material handling conveyor systems

Slat Conveyors

Slat Conveyors use a chain-drive system to transport products on steel slats along the line for production or other applications.

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Belt-Driven Live Roller (BDLR) Conveyors can handle various shapes, sizes, and weights products. Accumulating, diverting, merging, and transportation are typical applications.

Exceptional Help

Our team has the vast product and system knowledge to help you from questions to ordering to scheduling your parts arrival for timely repairs. All RFQ’s are responded to within 24 hours. Once an order is placed, a confirmation email is sent with the estimated ship date and when the product is sent our team follows up with the tracking numbers.

Secure Packaging

Your order is securely packaged and handled carefully so parts arrive intact, undamaged, and ready to install for fast repair turnaround times. All orders contain a packing slip with all part numbers identified.

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