Specialty conveyor systems are custom-designed for unique applications. They are highly adaptable for moving, handling, sorting, packaging, fulfillment, and other product needs when standard equipment doesn’t offer the flexibility or innovation required. You can’t turn to just anyone for spare parts when these complex systems go down – but ConveyorSpareParts.com can handle your parts needs for many specialty conveyor system items. And, unique in our industry, we follow your order and provide updates so you know when to expect it. 

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Explore the available conveyor spare parts from these leading OEM manufacturers: 


Span Tech is renowned for unique, innovative, and customizable product processing and transport solutions in many leading industries. A global leader in specialized conveyor systems, their products and inventions continue to pioneer new paths in the material handling space. Ask a ConveyorSpareParts.com team member about spare parts for these specialty systems and how fast you can receive your shipment.

material handling conveyor

Incline/Decline Conveyors

Incline/Decline Conveyors are fully customizable with multiple lengths, belt widths, and curve angles and offer extreme elevation changes at up to 400 ft/min (122 m/min).

industrial conveyor rollers

Plastic Chain

Span Tech Plastic Chain solutions are modular, easily repaired and adapted, lightweight but strong, and very affordable conveying solutions for various industries.

gravity conveyor rollers

Sorting and merging

Sorting and Merging Conveyors are highly customizable with powered solutions, angles, verticles, stops, laners, sorters, and more options for many applications.


The many patented components of the ModSort® Transfer System can be integrated into new or existing conveyor systems to transfer, divert, and sort multiple package types for many specialized applications quickly and easily. Contact ConveyorSpareParts.com for more information about spare parts for these specialty systems and for ordering assistance.

roller systems

All Modsort Products

ModSort™ Technology enables multi-directional sorting and conveyance of virtually any object or package. Numerous products and repair parts are available.


Since 1966, Dorner® has been an industry leader in industrial, packaging, and sanitary conveyor systems worldwide. They are now part of the Columbus McKinnon family of lifting and smart motion control products. Contact ConveyorSpareParts.com for a complete rundown of the available spare parts and information about ordering, shipping, and more.

replacement conveyor belts

Fabric and Modular Belt

For many applications, Dorner Modular and Fabric Belt Conveyors are customizable and easily configured with straight, curved, and Z-Frame components.

line shaft conveyor parts

Stainless Steel

Dorner’s sanitary Stainless Steel Conveyors are hygienic and meet the Baking Industry Sanitary Standards Committee (BISSC), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), 3A, USDA, and other FDA regulations.


AmbaFlex is a recognized worldwide leader in innovative material handling systems based on spiral conveying technology. Their SpiralVeyor and AmbaVeyor systems are widely used in numerous markets and industries. Contact ConveyorSpareParts.com today and ask about AmbaFlex spare parts and how you can order yours, plus learn about our complete order tracking services that keep you informed about your shipment.

material handling conveyor systems

All Spirals

AmbaFlex Spiral Conveyors elevate, accumulate, and convey products and containers in numerous applications using spiral technology and configurations to save space.


AmbaVeyor is a product of AmbaFlex, which is a recognized worldwide leader in innovative material handling systems based on spiral conveying technology. Contact ConveyorSpareParts.com today and ask about AmbaVeyor spare parts and how to order yours.

conveyor systems

All Ambaveyor

AmbaVeyor flexible conveyors can run over long distances and can include nine predefined curved, straight, and inclined segments that run with just a single belt.


Ryson, part of the Royal Apollo Group, is the number one manufacturer of spiral conveyors in the United States, and over 400 US companies use their systems. Ask a team member about Ryson spiral conveyor spare parts when you contact ConveyorSpareParts.com. Our customer-centric order tracking services keep you informed about your shipment and when you can expect it to arrive.

replacement conveyor rollers

All Spirals

Ryson is the number one manufacturer of spiral conveyors in the USA. Their modular system uses less space and proprietary slat-type belts. All conveyor systems are made to order in numerous sizes.

Roach Conveyors

Roach Conveyors® is a leader in rugged, reliable, and reasonable American-made conveyor solutions. They provide a variety of standard and highly specialized conveyor solutions for numerous industries. Since 1953, the Roach name has stood for quality and innovation. Ask a ConveyorSpareParts.com team member for help ordering spare parts for their systems. We stock many common wear parts in our warehouse to get them to you quickly.

line shaft conveyor parts

All Roach Specialty Conveyor Parts

Roach specialty products include units for handling barrels, glass, laundry, lumber, and more, as well as stackers, walkovers, up enders, turntables, and special transfer modules.

Omni Metalcraft

Omni Metalcraft™ has been in the material handling industry for over 40 years. They offer the highest quality standard and custom pallet conveyor solutions for many industries. Ask a ConveyorSpareParts.com team member about spare parts for their systems and how we can help you get your order fast. We also keep a large inventory of many common wear parts so you can receive them even faster. Be sure to ask about our current stock.

replacement conveyor belts

All Omni Specialty Conveyor Parts

Omni specialty products include tire tip-up stations, wire mesh conveyors, reciprocating vertical conveyors, iron cross rotation modules, and stainless-steel options.

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