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ITR HB-510

  • Standard driver card for accumulation.
  • ZPA conveyor is based on the Itoh HB-510 driver card and FE-60 motorized roller.
  • Can be a stand-alone conveyor. It does not require an input from a control panel, etc. to operate.
  • A start signal can be used to activate the conveyor when using run on demand.


  • Cycle: 1s ON; 1s OFF
  • Continuous or intermittent duty
  • Do not exceed 150% of no-load speed
  • Applicable models: PM486FS, PM486FE, PM486FP, PM570FE, PM605FE, PM635FS


  • Thermal overload 185ºF (85ºC) on PCB
  • 5A fuse to power supply
  • Diode for protection from incorrect wiring Environment
  • Ambient temperature 32~104º F (0~40ºC)
  • < 90% relative humidity (no condensation)
  • No corrosive gases
  • Vibration < 0.5G
  • 3 LED’s to identify type of error and number of occurrences
  • Dynamic brake control
  • Stable speed function to ensure articles of different weights travel at the same rate
  • Variable speed control by rotary switch or by external voltage input for up to 10 speeds
  • Direction control by onboard DIP switch or external signal input
  • Logic for general zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) control is built in
  • Direct connection for photo eye to power it and receive its output signal
  • Easy connection between adjacent HB-510’s with communication cable to simplify wiring
  • Flexible Zone Recognition (patented) to handle long articles which simultaneously block multiple sensors
  • Also available for rollers with built-in brakes, HB-510B
  • Includes mounting hardware and wiring connectors